Shipping & Returns


Shipping Information

Free Shipping: This offer applies to regular Ground Shipping within Canada + Contiguous USA with minimum order as posted below per shipping location, exclusive of tax or other costs. Enter the applicable Promotional Code (I.e FREESHIP-USA) at checkout to activate free shipping rebate on applicable orders. Express Shipping is not part of the Free Shipping offer. Specifically, the Free Shipping options include;

  • FREESHIP-BC - this promotional offer is valid for orders of $39.00 or more to be shipped to any location within the Province of British Columbia only. To activate, enter the FREESHIP-BC Promo Code
  • FREESHIP-CAN -  this promotional offer is valid for orders of $69.00 or more to be shipped to any location within the rest of Canada only. To activate, enter the FREESHIP-CAN Promo Code
  • FREESHIP-USA - this promotional offer is valid for orders of $99.00 or more to be shipped to any location within the Contiguous USA only. To activate, enter the FREESHIP-USA Promo Code
Please note that any orders that is placed with the non-applicable Promo Code will be cancelled. Make sure that you enter the Promo Code where the order is to be shipped and not where you are located. For example, if you live in BC and want to ship an order to Alberta, the applicable Promo Code is FREESHIP-CAN and NOT FREESHIP-BC. Free shipping is offered via Canada Post / US Postal Service Ground Shipping only and may require between 1 to 12 business days for delivery, depending on delivery address. Please note that due to the perishable nature of our products, we cannot offer free ground shipping to destinations where the temperature is 16°C /60°F or warmer. Should you decide to go ahead, we will not be responsible if the products arrive melted and we will not offer any refund. This means you assume all risks.

In-store Pick-Up: We are unable to ship some items, such as cakes and desserts, and we can only offer in-store pick-up at our own retail location The Atelier. All items ordered online are eligible for free in-store pick-up, and we recommend that you pre-order your items online as well. Please note that our store is currently open only on Saturdays from 10AM to 4PM. However, we offer order pick-up Monday to Friday by appointment.


Easy Returns & Exchanges

You may cancel / return orders within 3 days of receipt, if it does not meet your expectation for a full refund of order (product only) less 10% handling charges and shipping costs. This offer is conditional on the basis that goods are returned to us in their original packaging and in good condition within 4 business days of the date of written notice cancellation.

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The return of any goods / items under this policy is the responsibility of the purchaser. We do not accept responsibility for return postage / shipping costs, items lost and/or damage during transit or in any other circumstances beyond our control, except at our discretion.

For our full refund policy, please see our terms of service.