20% Sugar 'Fruit Confit'

20% Sugar 'Fruit Confit'


This novel Wild Sweets® Constructivism confection revisits fruit jams. Our unique version of 'Fruit Confit' - derived from the French word 'Confiture', which means 'Jam' - is distinctly different from typical jams, which traditionally contains between 50 to 60% sugar. Our low-sugar 'Fruit Confit' are flash-cooked using induction heat to retain as much of the natural fruit aroma, colour and only contain 20% added sugar. Another point of distinction is that our 20% Sugar 'Fruit Confit' do not contain any seeds or skin and have a smooth 'pudding-like' consistency! Our 'Fruit Confit' Series is perfect for traditional use such as on toasted buttered bread and great as part of a breakfast or snacking dish spooned on Greek-Style yogurt, fresh fruits and some Granola as a texture element. The 'Fruit Confit' can also be used as sauces or coulis with tea cakes, trifles, over ice cream and more.

Flavour avaialble:

  • Red fruit (strawberry - raspberry - cherry) & vanilla bean
  • William pear & vanilla bean
  • Apricot passion fruit & vanilla bean
  • Mango peach & vanilla bean

Serving Size: Sold in pasteurized sealed glass jars @ 200g / 7.1oz per jar.

Serving/Storage: 'Fruit Confit' must be stored away from heat and/or sunlight [16°C/60°F]. Best consumed within 4-months from date of purchase. Our 'Fruit Confit' consistency is best / thicker when served cold (refrigerated). Refrigerate after opening and consume within 14-21-days.

Fruit Flavor:
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