70% Trinidad Gran Couva Single Origin

70% Trinidad Gran Couva Single Origin


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Cocoa bean-to-bar chocolate-making, on an artisan basis, is a long and painstaking process with numerous steps. We sort, roast, crack, winnow, grind, conch, temper and mould our chocolate in small batches directly from premium cocoa beans. We then bag, box and wrap each chocolate bar by hand in our graphic artist custom designed packaging.

As Canada's only artisan science-based cocoa bean-to-bar chocolate-makers, we work closely with the University of BC in Vancouver on various research projects relating to the science of chocolate-making within Wild Sweets® micro-batch laboratory settings and small-scale machinery. For an overview of the complete process, see the bean-to-bar chocolate-making section of our website at this link.

Montserrat is a farmer-owned and operated cooperative that is ‘Rainforest Alliance’ certified and consist of about 48 farmers - large and small - located in the Gran Couva region of Trinidad that produces high quality Trinitario cocoa beans with notes of marshmallow, cedar and brown fruits.

Serving Size: Sold in a retail single unit bar box @ 55g each.

Ingredients: Trinidad cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, cocoa butter.

Serving/Storage: Chocolate bars must be stored at 16°C/60°F or less, away from heat and/or sunlight. Best consumed within 12-months from date of purchase.

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