Chocolate & Caramel Spread

Chocolate & Caramel Spread

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This novel Wild Sweets® Constructivism confection revisits Spreads. Our Chocolate & Caramel spreads are handmade in true artisan fashion. Dark golden caramel is prepared in micro-batches, finished with butter and cream and emulsified with origin dark chocolate. The Organic 'Burnt' & 'Salted' Spreads are made with 95% organic ingredients including Fair Trade & Organic dark chocolate. The Hazelnut Passion Spread is made with our own cocoa bean-to-bar chocolate, pure passion fruit juice and deep-roasted sweet hazelnut butter resulting in a bright fruit and most delicious nutty chocolate-caramel spread. Our sumptuously soft & smooth spreads are a perfect accompaniment to coffee cakes or squares, our own Brownie or Financier cakes, on warm waffles or pancakes, and are wonderful on toasted crumpets for breakfast!

Serving Size: Sold in pasteurized sealed glass jars @ 200g / 7.1oz per jar. Choose option in 'Flavour Selection' pull down menu above.

Serving/Storage: Spreads must be stored away from heat and/or sunlight [16°C/60°F or less is optimum]. Best consumed within 6-months from date of purchase. Refrigerate after opening and consume within 30-days.

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