Cocoa Bean-To-Bar Hot Chocolate Mix

Cocoa Bean-To-Bar Hot Chocolate Mix


Our distinct version of Hot Chocolate is made from our own cocoa bean-to-bar chocolate and consist of a blend of 3 single origins - Venezuela Ocumare, Peru Oro Verde and Dominican Republic. Our Vintage Hot Chocolate is pure dark 70% chocolate only that is ground into small granules for quick and easy emulsion and is perfect for rich, thick, pudding-like French or Spanish-style Hot Chocolate. For a lighter and more fluid drink, you can use whole milk or fruit purees and see recipe card for suggested formula. However, for the most 'pure' chocolate experience, we suggest using water as the liquid in the ratio of 50g of chocolate mix with 250 ml of hot (80°C) but not boiling water to retain as much of the volatile aroma. For any of the versions suggested, we recommend using an immersion blender or a 'Bullet' type mixer to get the best emulsion possible.

Net weight: 150g / 5.3oz-  Yield: 15 Demitasse servings (60ml / 2.1oz size) based on the thick pudding-like recipe.

Serving/Storage: Hot Chocolate should be stored at 16°C/60°F or less, away from heat and/or sunlight inside the sealed foil . Best consumed within 6-months from date of purchase / receiving shipment.

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