Crispy Biscuit Series N°14

Crispy Biscuit Series N°14


This is our Wild Sweets® Chocolate Constructivism version of the classic cakes - Brownie / Financier / Frangipane - as a 'Choco-Minis' bouchée or snack (two or more bites). Our unique version is based on the original cakes including: French Financier - a moist roasted hazelnut and brown butter chocolate cake, American Brownie - a rich butter cake studded with pearls of our own cocoa bean to bar chocolate and Italian Frangipane - a moist almond paste cake flavoured with citrus zest. The perfectly baked rich & moist cakes are then topped with a layer of roasted nut butter praline cream (hazelnut for the Financier & peanut for the brownie / frangipane) mixed with crispy lace crêpe cookies, for another level of texture. The Frangipane cakes also include a layer of Pâte de Fruit (Mango or Raspberry). The bouchées are then coated in our Vintage Cocoa Bean to Bar dark chocolate along with some crunchy cereal pearls decor to finish this new-classic treat! This Series is packaged in our exclusive Limited Edition Wild Sweets® FoodArt photo-graphic art custom print gift box. 

Suggested Pairing: Hot Chocolate, coffee or a sweet fortified wine such as Portuguese LBV Port, California Black Muscat and/or Australia Liqueur Tokay.

Serving Size: Sold in gift box of 4-units (1 Brownie + 1 Financier + 1 Mango + 1 Raspberry Frangipane @ 36g each) -  in sealed plastic pouches for freshness.

Serving/Storage: Chocolates must be stored at 16°C/60°F or less, away from heat and/or sunlight. Best consumed within 14-days from date of purchase.

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