cocoArt 'Summer' Limited Edition Collection

cocoArt 'Summer' Limited Edition Collection


PICKUP ONLY: This item does not ship and is only available to purchase online for collection at and/or directly from our retail store "The Atelier" Chocolate Lab Gallery:  a factory retail outlet / presentation space for our brand and its products in Richmond. See location & store hours.

The Wild Sweets® ‘Summer 2017’ Limited Edition Chocolate Art Collection brings forward the sweetness associated with Summer through the use of various fruits and decorated in a palette of summer-like pastel colours. Each chocolate within the ‘Summer 2017’ Collection features 2 types of fillings including a fruit-based liquid caramel while the other is a ‘Créme Fraîche Vanille’ – a lightly sweetened soft cream made by emulsifying fresh cream and butter scented with vanilla bean. All of the chocolates are painstakingly hand-painted with cocoa butter colours in different artistic patterns. The ‘Summer 2017’ Collection is designed to be eaten cold from the fridge providing a distinct texture, mouthfeel and temperature perception. The Wild Sweets® ‘Summer 2017’ Collection features the following assortment of flavours;

  • Liquid strawberry / raspberry fruit caramel   
  • Liquid apricot / peach fruit caramel
  • Liquid blackberry / cassis fruit caramel
  • Liquid mango / lychee fruit caramel

Serving Size: Sold in gift boxes of 12-units (168g @ 14g each)

Serving/Storage: Chocolates must be stored in the refrigerator (± 4°C) and best consumed within 5-days from date of purchase.

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