Experience: BTB Chocolate Afternoon Tea

Experience: BTB Chocolate Afternoon Tea


Purpose: The purpose of this TasteProjects @TheChocoLab session is to experience Wild Sweets® By Dominique & Cindy Duby novel version of the typical Afternoon Tea, but with a uniquely distinct modern take on the products, format and service. The first major point of distinction is that all items be they sweet, savoury and/or beverage include a cocoa bean to chocolate element in various forms derived from the whole cocoa bean including husk, nib, butter, powder and/or complete chocolate all made and/or processed in our own chocolate-making lab. Secondly, the tea served with the set menu courses is not the traditional tea, but instead is a ‘Chocolate Tea’ infusion made entirely from whole cocoa beans and aromatized with fresh elements (I.e. citrus zest).  

Activities: Unlike the typical afternoon tea, Wild Sweets® version is not served as one service on a tiered tower, but instead each attendee is served a multi-course set menu of about 13 chocolate-based items served individually throughout the session. All ‘Chocolate Afternoon Tea’ sessions are intended to be ‘Edutaining’ in nature whereby all courses are presented live by world acclaimed chefs Dominique & Cindy Duby who describe each course uniqueness and/or inspiration be it through ingredient and/or preparation techniques. As well as “Interactive’ as each attendee ‘constructs’ most of the dishes by adding various elements to each dish for the greatest texture experience be they crunches, sauces, oils, mists, etc. The Wild Sweets® Chocolate Afternoon Tea sessions last approximately 75 to 90-minutes* and here is a session menu sample**

  • Tuna Salad: Cocoa nibs brioche | Tuna salad | Pickled roots | Dried olives | Micro Peas | Lemon oil 
  • Smoked Salmon: Cocoa nibs brioche | Sauce ‘Tartare’ | Smoked salmon | Pickled cucumber | | Marcona almond crunch 
  • Savory Biscuit: Tuscany ham, Jarlsberg cheese, cocoa nibs & Kalamata dried figs | Balsamic fig butter | Crème fraîche 
  • Coco-Air: Dark chocolate & hazelnut praliné 'Air' | Foamed Chantilly cream | Puffed rice crunch 
  • Roast Beef: Cocoa nibs brioche |  Roast beef shavings in chocolate oil | Pickled onions | Ancho chili mayo | Smoked almond crunch
  • B. E. T. : Cocoa nibs brioche | Baked egg Frittata | Grape tomato confit | Pesto pulled Mozzarella | Crispy back bacon 
  • Sweet Scone: Chocolate & dried apricot scone | Apricot passion fruit crème fraîche |  Apricot saffron butter
  • Milk & Cookies: Single origin dark chocolate milk | Kahlua & Cocoa Liquor | Chocolate & Coffee creams | Cocoa nibs cookie   
  • Lemon Tart: Sablé cookie crumble | Lemon custard cream | White chocolate lemon Chantilly | Lemon cocoa nibs meringue crunch
  • PB & J: Grape seed / skin Madeleine cake | Milk chocolate peanut cream | Merlot grape jelly | Wine stewed pear & confit     
  • Profiterole: Crispy choux pastry thins | Green Apple + Caramel creams | Caramel apple lasagna | Salted butter & cocoa nibs caramel crunch 
  • Hot Chocolate: Single origin hot chocolate | Hot red fruit gelée | Cold red fruit foam | Crispy dark chocolate mousse   
  • Chocolates: Seasonal ganache or other filling chocolate bonbons

All Chocolate Afternoon Tea session are with advanced online booking only. Sessions start at 12:00 PM (please arrive 5-minutes early) on Sunday afternoons and are held in our “Chocolate-Making & Tasting Lab" in Richmond, BC. Ample free visitor parking at the location. Regretfully, we can not accommodate special dietary requests. Note that all sessions are setup in a ‘communal’ format and thus we can not guarantee specific seating unless in bookings of 4 people. Private sessions are also available with minimum seating, please inquire for more details.

Terms & Conditions: Sessions dates maybe cancelled due to minimum attendance not being met. Full refunds will be provided with notice of cancellation / maximum 72-hours from scheduled session date. All bookings are final and no refunds are provided unless with minimum 72-hours notice. If you are unable to attend a session and provide a minimum of 48-hours notice from scheduled session date, booking fees maybe used/transferred for another session date. Other conditions may apply, please contact us if you have any questions or concerns prior to registering.

* Session length may vary depending on the menu. **Menu items may change depending on product availability and/or are not be listed in order of service.

NB - product pictured are constructed and photographed by Wild Sweets Creative Team and maybe styled for visual purposes thus may not look the same as each attendee own individual construction / presentation during the session.

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