Origin 'Emulsion & Encapsulation’ Limited Edition Collection

Origin 'Emulsion & Encapsulation’ Limited Edition Collection


This Collection will be released and available to purchase starting as of Monday November 20, 2017. 

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The Wild Sweets® ‘Origin Emulsion & Encapsulation’ Limited Edition Collection features an assortment of our own 70% bean to bar chocolate emulsion (ganache filling) made from single origin cocoa beans. Each chocolate is also filled with an encapsulation gelée specifically processed (pressure cooked and/or sous-vide) and formulated based on each cocoa beans aromatic heritage. It is then flash cooked to a low brix % so that it retains all aromatic properties and whipped so that it has a soft, almost liquid, texture. Each chocolate mould is then air-brushed with different cocoa butter colours in an artistic ‘minimalism’ pattern. Vintage cocoa bean-to-bar chocolate-making, on an artisan basis, is a long and painstaking process with numerous steps, many of them involving a scientific approach. For more information on the process see the Bean To Bar section on our website at this link. The ‘Origin Emulsion & Encapsulation’ collection is packaged in our Wild Sweets® FoodArt graphic art custom gift box and features the following assortment of flavours;

  • Ecuador Camino Verde emulsion & almond paste sweet spice encapsulation gelée

  • Trinidad Gran Couva emulsion & wooded vanilla dark fruit encapsulation gelée

  • Tanzania Kokoa Kamili emulsion & cherry coffee lemon encapsulation gelée

  • Costa Rica Maleku emulsion & plum molasses sweet spice encapsulation gelée

Serving Size: Sold in gift box of 12-units (168g @ 14g each)

Serving/Storage: Chocolates must be stored at 16°C/60°F or less, away from heat and/or sunlight. Best consumed within 2-weeks from date of purchase / receiving shipment when shipped Express.

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