Petite 'Tea Cake' - Crispy Chocolate Cherry Orange

Petite 'Tea Cake' - Crispy Chocolate Cherry Orange


Special Note: To guarantee supply, we always suggest pre-ordering online or by phone before visiting the store. The Crispy Chocolate Cherry Cake is sold as a 'Kit' with our unique all natural 'Chocolate Tea'.

This novel Wild Sweets® Chocolate Constructivism Petite 'Tea Cake' Series is our version of a perfect hybrid cake that blends the richness of a pound cake yet made in a method and texture more similar to a sponge cake.  This cake is based on ingredients typically associated with a traditional fruit cake, but developed a completely different version as a ‘Tea Cake’. The cake is based on a French specialty called ‘Cake aux fruits’, which is similar to a pound cake in texture and laced with only 3 types of dried fruits: cherry, cranberry and orange peels with Kirsch brandy. For texture contrast, the cake is placed over a crunchy buttery 'sablé' cookie topped with a hazelnut chocolate praline cream with crispy crêpe flakes. The cake is wrapped in a thin layer of almond paste and finished with a dark chocolate coating. And finally decorated with paper thin shapes of dark chocolate hand-painted with cocoa butter colours.

Our unique all natural 'Chocolate Tea' is made entirely from pure in-house roasted cocoa beans / husks only and some vanilla bean powder - no sugar and/or any other ingredients! The tea maybe brewed with some additional aromatic ingredients such as fresh lemongrass, fresh citrus zest, etc. This unique sugar-free infusion is a healthy beverage alternative to coffee as cocoa beans are rich in powerful antioxidants such as polyphenols and naturally contain very low levels of caffeine (less than 10-times that of coffee per serving).

Serving Size: Cake 320 g each or 4 servings | Chocolate Tea x 2 Tea Bags (6 serving @ 250 ml each - tea bags only / not as pictured)

Serving/Storage: Frozen cake will keep for up to 1-month in a good working freezer (-18°C). Best consumed within 1-weeks after thawing and keep any left over cake in the refrigerator wrapped in plastic cling film to prevent drying out.

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