Vintage ‘Ganache Classique Nougatine’

Vintage ‘Ganache Classique Nougatine’


The Wild Sweets® Vintage ‘Ganache Classique Nougatine’ Limited Edition Collection features an assortment of four different types of chocolate made from Single Origin cocoa beans. For texture contrast, each ganache filling is topped with a piece of salted butter cocoa nibs nougatine before being enrobed in dark chocolate. All of the chocolates are hand-painted with cocoa butter colours in different artistic patterns. Vintage cocoa bean-to-bar chocolate-making, on an artisan basis, is a long and painstaking process with numerous steps, many of them involving a scientific approach. For more information on the process see the Bean To Bar section on our website at this link, The Vintage ‘Ganache Classique’ Limited Edition Collection includes the following origins and percentages;

  • 70% Venezuela Ocumare

  • 70% Venezuela Canaobo

  • 70% PeruOro Verde

  • 64% MexicoChiapas

Serving Size: Sold in gift box of 12-units (168g @ 14g each)

Serving/Storage: Chocolates must be stored at 16°C/60°F or less, away from heat and/or sunlight. Best consumed within 2-weeks from date of purchase / receiving shipment.

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