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2023 Chocolate Mochi Egg Custard 'Mooncake' - 2023 巧克力麻糬卡士達'月餅'

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Flavour | Dark Chocolate Ganache Custard Assorted Liquor

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'Mooncakes' orders are available to order online Only. And for Pickup at our Factory Store on September 15/16/17 and/or September 28/29, 2023 ONLY. We do also offer Delivery on September 22/23 as well as September 28/29 ONLY. Please post your selected pick up date in the Order Note Box at Checkout.

Note that our Mooncakes are only offered on a ‘Limited Production’ basis so is available while supplies last only.

This Limited Release Series Chocolate 'Mooncakes' is an ‘East-Meets-West’ collection that is custom designed and hand-crafted for the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival celebration. Inspired on the Japanese ‘Mochi' [sweet Japanese cakes made with glutinous rice flour (mochiko)] with its somewhat 'chewy' texture and soft cooked filling combined with our French based chocolate-making techniques. We offer 2 options based either on a dark or white chocolate filling.

Our Dark Chocolate 'Mooncakes' Series features a soft mochi-like 'skin' component, a novel buttery egg custard filling made with different liquor as the only liquid. And lastly, a single origin cocoa bean to bar soft dark chocolate ganache also made with the same liquor as the only liquid. Specifically, the collection features the following assortment of fillings;

Kahlua liquor egg custard | Peru Ucayali single origin BTB ganache | Vanilla chocolate 'Mochi Skin'

Benedictine liquor egg custard | Ecuador Camino Verde single origin BTB ganache | Vanilla chocolate 'Mochi Skin'

Tia Maria egg custard | Tanzania Kokoa Kamilli single origin BTB ganache | Vanilla chocolate 'Mochi Skin'

Baileys liquor egg custard | Dominican Republic Orzal single origin BTB ganache | Vanilla chocolate 'Mochi Skin'

Our White Chocolate 'Mooncakes' Series also features a soft mochi-like 'skin' component, a novel buttery egg custard filling made with Canada's liquid gold as the only liquid and blended with a mixed nut paste and a creamy white chocolate. Specifically, this collection features the following filling;

BC-Local Okanagan Valley Icewine egg custard | Roasted sesame, macadamia, white chocolate paste | Vanilla 'Mochi Skin'

Each single multi-textured ‘Mooncakes’ is entirely made / shaped by hand including the hand-painted cocoa butter colour finishing touch. The Collection is packaged in an exclusive Limited Edition luxurious gift set of 4 Mooncakes each individually showcased in a gold base / clear dome packaging. And enclosed with a frosted sleeve, gold foil printed ribbon and printed card featuring an illustration of a Mooncake pattern.

NB: As mentioned above, each chocolate Mooncake & decor is crafted entirely by hand and therefore may not be exactly as shown in picture. Desert design and packaging may also be subject to change without notice and may not be as pictured.

Serving Size: Sold in a luxurious gift set packaging of 4-units @ 55g each / 220g total net weight.

Serving/Storage: Due to the nature of the elements included in these Mooncakes (mochi and egg custard filling), they must be stored in the fridge at all times for up to 2-days from pick up. For best results, place the Gift Set in a sealed Ziplock-type bag to prevent flavour transfer in the refrigerator. We suggest removing the Mooncakes from the fridge about 20-minutes before serving to allow them to reach the perfect serving condition (temperature, texture and aroma).

If you would like us to include a handwritten printed Wild Sweets Gift Card message with your gift when we send it for Delivery, you must purchase the card first and write your message at Check Out in the Order Note box. Make sure that the message is 60-characters or less as we will have to cut your copy after the 60-characters. Please make sure to purchase the Handwritten Gift Card first otherwise your message request will be automatically voided and deleted.

This product is crafted in a facility that handles and may contain potential allergens - as an ingredient and/or traces of - such as tree nuts, seeds (including mustard), peanuts, wheat, soy, eggs, dairy/dairy protein products and/or any of their derivatives.