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Cocoa Bean-To-Bar 'Truffe Nama'

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This is our take on the classic French truffle that we call ‘Truffe Nama’ - an ‘East-Meets-West’ version that blends French ingredients with Japanese techniques. Our distinct version is made with our own 70% cocoa bean-to-bar dark chocolate as a blend of 2 or more single origins emulsified with fresh cream and a splash of cocoa liqueur. Unlike the French truffle, our Truffe Nama is not coated in chocolate, and instead the soft filling is left to harden under refrigeration. Once set, the cut pieces are lightly rolled in pure dark cocoa powder. As a result, our Truffe Nama are best stored and consumed cold from the fridge. The lack of the chocolate 'shell' makes the texture of this truffle very creamy, quick melting, and with a uniform texture.

NB: Please note that product design and packaging is subject to change without notice.

Serving Size: Sold frozen in a retail single unit resealable barrier pouch bag @ 100 g each (typically 12 chocolates).

Serving/Storage: Chocolates must be stored at 4°C/40°F or less and best consumed within 4-days from date of purchase. In their frozen state (-18°C/0°F), chocolates have 6-weeks shelf life.

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This product is crafted in a facility that handles and may contain potential allergens - as an ingredient and/or traces of - such as tree nuts, seeds (including mustard), peanuts, wheat, soy, eggs, dairy/dairy protein products and/or any of their derivatives.