COVID-19 Protocols


With the changing regulatory protocols, we always put the safety and concerns of our customers first and foremost. Therefore we continue to update the ways for our customers to purchase from us while providing a safe environment to do so.

Our Factory Store continues to function as a 'Depot' to pickup orders placed online via our Online Store. We also continue to offer ‘In Person’ shopping while taking the following precautions and/or asking visiting customers to;

  • If there are customer/s in the store and/or if there are customer/s waiting outside to get in - please take a number from the dispenser inside by the front door and wait outside or in your car until your number is shown on the digital electronic display on the window

  • We limit entrance to the store to one customer group ‘bubble’ at one time – up to 3 people maximum

  • Every customer entering the store must hand sanitize before shopping – we provide the sanitizing lotion and paper towels

  • Current Health Regulations mandate the wearing of a mask while shopping indoors.

  • We continue to frequently sanitize touch-point areas (touch screen monitor, payment POP, tables, freezer door, etc.) and service staff also performs frequent hand-washing between customer interactions

  • We accept Debit / Credit cards, Apple Pay, but we are paperless, so no printed receipts are available only by text or email.

  • We do not offer any sampling of any of our products

  • Current health protocols do not require proof of your BC Vaccine Card for in-person shopping


Please do not hesitate to contact us using the form below if you have any questions or concerns.