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Holiday Chocolate Hazelnut Toffee Snack

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Limited Release: This product is available up to December 31 and/or until supplies last.

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This novel Wild Sweets® Constructivism revisits a time-honoured classics: the chocolate nut ‘Toffee’. Our unique version of the Toffee is distinctly different from traditional versions commonly available in stores in both flavour and texture. Typical toffee is poured into sheets, maybe coated with chocolate and sprinkled with some nuts and finally broken into uneven pieces.

Our toffee caramel base is made with vanilla and salted butter, some baking soda (for a lighter & crispier texture) and chockfull with chopped roasted hazelnuts. The nut toffee is then rolled thinly and cut into small squares. Once cooled, each square is coated into our own 70% dark crushed cocoa bean to bar chocolate and finally into more crushed roasted hazelnuts.

Our version of this classic takes 'snacking' to another level of deliciousness - 'Snap, Crackle & Pop' never sounded or tasted so good! And it is a great stocking stuffer, fun office gift and/or perfect for snacking!

Serving Size: Sold in a retail single unit resealable barrier pouch bag @ 85g / 3.0oz each

Serving/Storage: Popcorn must be stored away from heat and/or sunlight [16°C/60°F or less]. Best consumed within 3-months from date of purchase.

Not Applicable

This product is crafted in a facility that handles and may contain potential allergens - as an ingredient and/or traces of - such as tree nuts, seeds (including mustard), peanuts, wheat, soy, eggs, dairy/dairy protein products and/or any of their derivatives.