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Food Artists

Our FoodArt Work is a collaboration between the Creative Team of Wild Sweets® - Dominique & Cindy Duby and Linda Mitsui. Our novel approach, creative skills and expertise range from graphic art, food architecture, styling and photography resulting in cutting edge Wild Sweets® FoodArt Work canvases & prints!
Wild Sweets® creative team is one of the few chefs in the world commissioned for a chocolate art installation at a Public Art Gallery (Richmond, BC, Canada) titled - Wild Sweets® CoCoArt…from Cocoa bean to Chocolate to Art! - which was held for 6-weeks in the spring of 2019.
For Wild Sweets® FoodArt Work, Dominique & Cindy contribution includes creating unique food-based photography scenes through novel tools, techniques and food-science ingredients to manipulate different food mediums while applying special lighting techniques to create unique micro-food compositions.
While Linda's contribution includes photo-manipulation of some images to bring the colors into a primary state while creating 'graffiti-like' hand brush stroke art providing a composition 'message' and digitally incorporating into the final artwork pieces.
Our FoodArt Work is offered on a Limited Edition basis and in different sizes (24” x 36” / 18" x 18", etc.). The canvases are fine art quality printed with a UV clear coating and stretched over 3/4” wood frame. Each Artwork comes with letter of authenticity signed by Wild Sweets® Creative Art Team. Print versions are also an option available. The Lead Time is between 10-14 business days for production and order processing.